MCL Insuretech Ltd.

MCL Insuretech Ltd brands used the E-volve platform for their direct-to-consumer business


MCL Insuretech Ltd brands used the E-volve platform for their direct-to-consumer business. As one of Irelands leading online brands, 100% of quotes, 95% of policy sales and 80% + mid terms adjustments were processed online. Even with this high volume of online fulfilment, the MCL brands still ordered telephone and email backup. Unfortunately, due to the unpredictability of calls, MCL felt that they could order better and more consistent service using online contact methods.


MCL decided to go down the line of ordering online chat only or the option for the customer to type in their phone number onto the phone system for an instant callback.

Dotsys was tasked to deliver these requirements and a new Online Chat module was developed that integrated into the E-volve back office. A customer would enter their policy number and the agent would have instant access to their record and all chats would be saved against the customer record making it easy for another agent to continue the tread if necessary. In terms of calls, if a customer entered their phone number onto the phone system it would automatically populate an outbound task list to call the customer back. If the customer missed the call or it was engaged a text message would be sent to inform the customer, MCL called. As per the Online Chat, all calls would also be stored against the customer record.


Dotsys delivered this project within two months, and it has been a big success for MCL. Instead of email, phone, online chat, and i-messages, MCL has been able to consolidate the call centre around online chat and outbound calls with a corresponding increase in efficiency and service, with 16-20 online chats per hour handled vs 4 – 5 phone calls. This increase in efficiency has resulted in a big increase in MCLs trustpilot score that average over 4.5 per month.