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E-volve Core Platform

E-volve Core Platform.

E-volve Core is the lifeblood of our cloud-based policy administration system. Its full-service capability gives you the control, efficiency and automation needed to source, sell and manage a policy lifecycle in line with the customer’s needs.

E-volve Direct Module.

The E-volve Direct Module enables direct trade with customers, whilst ordering a fully integrated self-service management system via a customer portal. E-volve Direct facilitates the entire customer lifecycle, from quote to purchase, including direct debit payment to day-to-day management of a policy.

Integrated customer service tools such as online chat, virtual assistant and a fully operational call centre management system are critical aspects of E-volve Direct.

Wholesale brokers, MGAs and underwriters can all use E-volve Direct.

E-volve Direct Module
E-volve Telematics Module

E-volve Telematics Module

E-volve Telematics is a fully integrated module that works in conjunction with E-volve, Direct and Wholesale. The E-volve Telematics software system provides a quotation, full point of sale and an algorithm for determining driving score. It also includes a fully integrated claims module.

Marketing Module.

If you are a small to medium sized business looking for an entry level system to maximise the potential of your database or a more complex solution such as a bespoke customer loyalty and reward system, DotSys has what you need.

Marketing Module