Women in business at DotSys

Apr 8, 2022

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We’re celebrating IWD23 by providing an insight into the life of one of our extremely accomplished, inspiring DotSys team leaders, Mairead Tohill.

The theme of International Women’s Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity emphasises the critical role of women in innovation. In recent years our IT team has embraced innovation and grown rapidly.  

We remain dedicated to providing equal opportunities and resources to all employees. 60% of our staff members are female, as are 60% of our team leaders and managers.

At DotSys inclusion, diversity and equity are values that drive our growth and success.

What does a career in web design involve?

A career in website design can involve the design, creation, and coding of a range of website types. Other tasks will typically include liaising with clients and discussing website specifications, incorporating feedback, working on graphic design and image editing, and enabling multimedia features such as audio and video. Requiring a range of creative and technical skills, web designers may be involved in work across a range of industries, including software companies, IT consultancies, web design companies, corporate organizations, and more. In contrast with web developers, web designers tend to play a more creative role, crafting the overall vision and design of a site, and determining how to best incorporate the necessary functionality. However, there can be significant overlap between the roles.

Firstly, can you tell us your name, your current role and any previous positions you’ve held at DotSys

I’m Mairead Tohill and I work as an IT Project Manager in an extremely busy IT department for DotSys. I oversee the development and implementation of projects for the business and their clients. When I initially started working for DotSys, I was a computer programmer.

Are web designers in demand in 2022?

In our ever-increasingly digital environment, there is a constant need for websites—and therefore for web designers and developers. With 17.4 billion websites in existence as of January 2020, the demand for web developers is only expected to rise.Web designers with significant coding experience are typically in higher demand, and can usually expect a higher salary. Like all jobs, there are likely to be a range of opportunities, some of which are better paid than others. But certain skill sets are basic to web design, most of which are key to how to become a web designer in 2022.

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